Laying a Jubilee Tabletop by Willow

I adore laying a table for a special occasion, so much so that there’s often no room for the food! I either start with the flowers or the table cloth; depending on what I can get my hands on.  

For the Jubilee, I want colour and fun so I'm using this beautiful cloth from Soler with the matching napkins. Daylesford has some beautiful linen checks at the moment which I've treated myself to in a vibrant emerald green. More often than not, I buy 3 metres of a fabric I love and use that as the table cloth. In a dream world, it’d be hemmed but in reality, I rarely get round to it.

Think about using ribbon or raffia to tie napkins up in a pretty bow, the bigger the better.  If you're wanting to bring in blue red and white but not go the whole hog, think about using blue, red or white ribbons.

Flower wise, I will be using a mix of my handblown coloured glass Willow vases and our new test tube and bobbly vases.  The test tubes are great for single, taller stems that will help you easily introduce some height without blocking your view across the table.  

If you're picking flowers from your garden, look out for aquilegia, foxgloves, sweet rocket, geums,  nasturtiums (flowers and leaves), peonies, alliums and geranium leaf.

Having menus and name cards on the table m it feel even more special, Papier has a great selection of pre-made ones or if y feeling crafty, lightly paint a sheet of watercolour paper in your chosen colour - I always end up going green - then when its dry cut them into little rectangles.  If you want sparkle, when the paint is still wet, sprinkle very fine glitter dust over the card.  

For the text, I love writing in gold markers or block printing each name with little alphabet stamps in dark blue or green ink.

Candles are a key part, I often mix colours and love our lilac and sage green taper candles together. Try and vary the heights of the holders, we’ve got some new low-lying holders which are very helpful for getting that up and down feel. Tea lights in glass holders are another simple way of adding light lower down and a handy wind protector if you're celebrating outside.

I love sprinkling things down the table as well as having little ‘bonbon bowls’, scatter and fill them with pretty chocolates, sugared almonds, tiny shells, pressed flowers, lemons and limes, tangerines with the leaves on...

Bon appétit!

Love, Willow