My last supper - Jessie Randall

The ‘Last Supper’ is one of our favourite family games.  

We play constantly; by ourselves around the kitchen table, with friends on holiday; in the car on the school run. It never fails to excite. 


Our guest this month is the wonderful Jessie Randall, founder of US-based fashion brand of dreams, Loeffler Randall.

What would you have for your last meal on earth? A drink, a starter, main course and pudding? You never get full and you can be wherever you want in the world…

Where: outside at my house in Long Island by the beach at a beautifully set table which I would decorate with the ceramics I collect and little floral arrangements I made all down the table plus place cards made by the kids. There would be beautiful napkins and vintage glasses and lights strung above. 
With: I would love a long table with first and foremost my three children: Casper, Clementine and Harry. My husband. My mom dad and brother and my closest girlfriends. 
A drink: I love a gimlet with a giant ice cube in pretty glasses I got on my travels. 
A starter: a little gem salad with red onions, Marcona almonds, wildflower honey and feta and lots of dressing and real good bread. 
Main course: if it was my last meal and it didn’t have to be cohesive or make sense I would choose pasta - this incredible cavatelli from Frankie’s Sputino in Brooklyn with brown sage butter and flavored with spicy sausage. I’ll let my son have all the sausage and I’ll eat all the pasta. 
Pudding: I don’t really eat much pudding but I do love a special dessert. I’d probably ask my childhood bestie, Gillian who owns Black Jet Bakery in San Francisco to make me a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and pretty decorations on top. I recently went to a birthday dinner where at the end everyone got an Italian Ice and a scratch off ticket with their dessert and I thought that was brilliant. I’d have those too!