My Last Supper - Matthew Rice

The ‘Last Supper’ is one of our favourite family games.  We play constantly; by ourselves around the kitchen table, with friends on holiday; in the car on the school run...   It never fails to excite.

Our first guest is the wonderful Matthew Rice; writer, artist extraordinaire and serious food lover, his brilliant new book ‘Venice, a sketchbook guide’  is out now. 

What would you have for your last meal on earth?  A drink, a starter, main course and pudding?  You never get full and you can be wherever you want in the World

"My best lunch would be outside on a day of hot sun but in the leafy shade and there would be eight of us.  There is a very delicious jug of fine white wine in a basket of crushed ice and some water.  

First I would have linguine in tomato sauce.  Tomatoes from the garden or really good bought ones.   Cooked slowly for three or four hours with some anchovies, garlic and basil. I’d like some really nice parmesan on top.

And then (please) a grilled veal chop and some fried potatoes.

And then (thank you) some soft and delicious cheese with some Carr's water biscuits and a salad made of one butterhead lettuce ( preferably not washed but if it is, then it must be really dry) split into four with the very best dressing of melted butter and capers.  

I must be truthful and admit that I don’t really like pudding but…perhaps some slightly stewed plums and custard might find room in my heart. This is summer and so if there WAS a lobster …..well, it could make up for the chop if one couldn’t be found.

I think I really do like ingredients best of all.   Not that there is anything wrong with fancy cooking but when I’m cooking I really want each thing to be COMPLETELY delicious and for that each thing needs to be it’s best self. In the winter I am darker and richer but that’s another story.


Matthew Rice is an artist, illustrator & writer. His latest book, Venice, a sketchbook guide’is out now. Follow @matthewricewatercolours.