Home project idea - add a scalloped border

A fun, relatively easy project to update your home - add a scalloped border - here, there and everywhere!

Camilla Hampton Interiors creates brilliantly versatile mouldings in four different scalloped patterns. Made from MDF they are delivered in standard lengths for you to paint in your chosen colour and add to library shelving, door architraves, larders or anywhere your heart desires. There are also outdoor versions that withstand the elements - perfect for prettying up garden sheds and play houses.
Head to Camilla's website to learn more and choose your scalloped trim and you can also follow her on @camilla_hampton_interiors. Now to decide, which style and what colour to paint...
 Credit - Fiona Doswell Interiors 
  Credit - Anna Cox Home 
Credit: Anna Cox Home

Credit: Bella Hoskybs Clothing