Willows Loves - June

This June, I will be ...

using Chantecaille’s Invisible Sunscreen every morning under my foundation
reading Clodagh McKenna’s brilliant new cookbook 'In Minutes
wearing this Grace Wears dress for the Jubilee celebrations & this Veronica Beard      
shirred top under my navy colour block Brora tank
feeling spritely after one of Lucie App’s vitamin B12 injections
picking elderflower heads to make mini elderflower sponge cakes
lusting after this dress from Iris Fashion 
revving up for Wimbledon with these personalised tennis balls
potting my pelargoniums into our heavenly pale pink terracotta pots
dreaming about a Californian family road trip 
meditating with the new (free) VERDEN breathwork app 
listening to and feeling honoured to be on Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson’s  
Eat Grow Cook Arrange podcast