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We like nature best when it’s barely tamed and our creations reflect that; a vibrant colour palette, intricate details, patterns and textures coming together in a unique, beautiful way.

Working with the seasons, we often forage locally for foliage or pick favourites from the garden. In spring delicate blooms emerge, before summer brings an abundance of bold shades. In autumn we opt for fiery hues and copper tones before a winter filled with rich, earthy colours and textures.


As a florist Willow’s dream job is a creative event where her designs can run free.  A project the more out of the world the better; whether it's an installation, an extraordinary party, extravaganza or launch that showcases her talent for going over the top in the most exuberant way.

Willow loves working on a scale that matches her tendency to think large and wild, inspired by nature in all its glories.

While not ruling out smaller bookings in this post pandemic world ,  Willow prefers to focus one off jobs/commissions that can showcase her intuitive passion for flowers and maximise her artistic imagination .

For all press enquires please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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