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The Art of Handmade Living

  • Garden centers and flower shops are two of my favorite places in the world - I feel calm the moment I walk in. The scent of the flowers, the greenery, the wholesome wooden tools, the exotic orchids... Throw an antique shop into the mix and I’m in decorating heaven.

  • Willow casts her crafting style around the house and beyond with imaginative ideas for gifts or your own home.  Taking you through the year, the book provides easy to follow instructions for everything from floral napkin rings and lavender bags, to seasonal wreaths, baubles and bunting. Practical pieces include linen aprons, candles in cups and decoupage hangers, so each and every corner of the home can be a celebration of colour and beauty. All that’s required from you is patience and a desire to work a little magic, transforming raw materials into something special.

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