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July's Flowery Box of Joy!

05 July 2021

Peonies, Delphiniums and Sweetpeas: find out more about the flowers in this month's box.

This month’s box contains the most glorious coral charm peonies, delicate baby blue delphiniums and Willow's absolute favourite sweet peas in two varieties, rose wedding and lilac.

We’ve gone for a slightly smaller box this month with summer celebrations in mind. This was inspired by drowsy summer afternoons, al fresco parties and long lunches with bright, colourful table flowers. These flower boxes would also be absolutely ideal to make posies to gift to loved ones or treasured teachers.

It was so joyful choosing the flowers for July’s box. We are slightly constrained by practicalities. Some of the blooms we love at this time of year are just too fragile and ephemeral to cope with being boxed up for delivery. Nigella for example just wouldn’t survive the journey. Other flowers like guelder rose or clematis we felt were too temperamental to experiment with.

Colour filled July table using our July Box of Joy
Table cloth and napkins by Soler LondonWhite scallop plates by the SettePink flowery plates by Penny Morrison , Candles and candlesticks by Willow and Wolf Marlborough 

Sweetpeas were an absolute must for Willow and felt particularly poignant as sowing and growing sweetpeas was one of her silver linings during lockdown. Their scent is incredible and we knew they had to be part of this box. It is actually impossible to not feel uplifted arranging sweetpeas!

Coral charm peonies were an easy choice. They are such a fantastic colour and they look completely spectacular whether tightly closed up in bud or exploding to reveal their vibrant orangey yellow centres.

Baby blue delphiniums were chosen partly for their height and also for their exquisite colour that doesn’t fade in the vase. The light blue dried petals will make the most wonderful confetti.

When arranging flowers always think about using different shapes and textures to play with. The delphinums add height and spikiness to the structure contrasting with the wispy tendrils of the smaller, more delicate sweetpeas. The vivid coral peonies are so beautiful and give a real colour pop against the pastel tones of the other flowers. You get 40 beautiful stems in July’s flower box and a video tutorial from Willow to go with it for extra inspiration and guidance.

At the studio we absolutely love seeing your flower box creations! Please do continue to tag us @willowcrossleycreates on Instagram. We love featuring you on stories and please do also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any of your floral arrangements: we’d love to see them!

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