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How To Set A Colourful Formentera Inspired Summer Table

24 August 2021

Soler London's Alex Al-Bader offers her tips for perfect summer entertaining.

L: Soler Home Palmera print tablecloth. R: Soler London Raquel dress in Daisy. 

Soler London is a brand we love for their colourful hand printed dresses. During the pandemic, Alex Al-Bader decided to collaborate with her sister, the artist Monica Subide, and launch Soler homewares. 'Soler Home' features the same kaleidoscopic illustrations in an assortment of gorgeous table and bed linens, with coordinating playful scatter cushions, as well as other fabrics and wallpapers.

Soler Home Lolita tablecloth

Alex Al-Bader grew up in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera are a huge source of inspiration for her and Soler's collections. She is currently shooting her A/W 21 and S/S 22 lookbooks in Formentera as well as catching up with friends and family. She is kindly offering us a 10% discount using the code WILLOW10. Here are her top tips for setting a colourful Formentera inspired table for perfect summer entertaining. 

L: Soler Home Lolita table linen. R: Soler London Lola Asymetric Ruffle dress in Lolita. 

I have been coming to Ibiza and Formentera all my life and really these islands are magical places. Their natural beauty and the way of living here really inspires me and our collections at Soler. I am here in Formentera working but also spending the summer holidays with my mum and brother and my family. My son has brought his best friend from England and then my gorgeous nieces have arrived last week. We always catch up with friends who are staying or living here so for me entertaining it's always about being in a big group and celebrating fun times like my birthday!

The feeling in Formentera is relaxed, things do not have to look perfect - for me that's why things look so good here - there is no stress! When I am setting a table I use traditional colourful pottery from the island. I think using a mix of printed plates is so much fun and I like using straw place mats under the plates.

The flowers of course are fresh and wild, whatever is in season, and always candles if it's the evening. For music we like to listen to the sounds of the island, then my niece Alma singing with my husband playing guitar is very beautiful too. 

 L: Soler London Romantic III Henley dress. R: Soler Home Palmera table linen.
I love the connection between the 3 floral prints we used on our table linen range and the nature of Formentera. The three prints are all magical gardens and they are called Lolita, Palmera and Flor Marinera. You can use the same Soler print napkin as the tablecloth chosen or an assortment of the three prints could be fun as well.

L: Soler Home Palmera table linen. R: Soler London Mar Lace Yoke dress.
We do not eat meat at home so my ideal meal has to include lots of different veggies, fresh herbs and occasionally fish. Here are some of my favourite serving suggestions. 
  • A nice cup of red or green gazpacho.
  • Griddled aubergine on a based of thinly sliced tomatoes sprinkled with finely cut ginger and basil.
  • Oven baked courgettes with ricotta cheese on top and a vinaigrette of lemon olive oil and mint.
  • A big green salad - always!
  • Fettuccine pasta with fresh pesto.

For drinks I am a red wine person for dinner or a cold San Miguel at sunset in a chiringuito. 

L: Soler Home table linen Flor Marinera. R: Soler London San Tropez Full Skirt Maxi Dress in Lolita Emerald.

L: Soler London Romantic 1 Long Sleeve Kaftan. R: Soler Home Palmera table linen.

Because it is hot I wear mainly cotton flowy dresses. My favourites this summer are our Soler hand painted dresses by my sister which blend in the nature of Formentera and you always feel special wearing them because they are all one off. The Antonella dress or my Romantic 1 Kaftan for the beach. For the evening if we are going out - we love going to Can Carlos - then I would wear a beautiful silk Greta georgette dress or a 100% sand washed silk Sila slip dress.

L: Soler London Malta Bow Tie Maxi dress in Fiona Apple Green. R: Soler London Sila Slip Ankle Length dress in Palmera
Soler Home Flor Marinera linen

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