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Willow Crossley

Tapered Beeswax Candle Pairs

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Made in the UK using British beeswax, I love the subtle honey scent and natural colour of these clean-burning candles.

The candles are made using a traditional hand-dipping technique that has been used for over 40 years by a small workshop in Cumbria. The process involves carefully dipping wicks (hung from a frame) into molten wax, gradually building up each candle with time for each layer to cool before applying the next.

Sold in pairs, they fit perfectly into our ceramic and zinc stands, or grouped within our rustic candle saucer with petals liberally sprinkled around the base.

Short: 10cm height x 1.4cm diameter

Slim: 23cm height x 1.2cm diameter

Regular: 23cm height x 2.2cm diameter